VIBRA SOUND MEDIA (Stereo & 3D Surround Mix)

VIBRA SOUND MEDIA  is a sound therapy mix of many overtone instruments and natural sounds, with the main purpose to give a state of relaxation, meditation and healing. Our body needs these frequencies to establish the harmony on all levels in our life.
















1. We synchronized tempo of Vibra Sound Mix with the tempo of a heartbeat. We wanted that our clients listen to Vibra Sound Mix with the similar tempo of their heartbeats


2. We processed some sounds to give a space, distance, width & the depth to the mix, to create additional dimension of acoustical effect.  This is particulary for the water & some multi frequencied overtone sounds. This processes were done especially for the surrounded mix of Vibra Sound Media.

3. Vibrational Sounds of some Overtone Instruments give impression of continuous treatment with a physical sound masagge.


4. We extracted some frequency ranges from Overtone sounds (in many magazines of ´Healing Sounds´ you can read about these frequencies), to processes them & later to insert them in the mix. Individually is very hard to hear them inside the mix, but when these frequencies are mixed with other similar sounds,  than mixed sounds sound warmer, deeper and wider.

 5. In VIBRA SOUND Media area of frequencies are extending from very low to very high frequencies. Differencies in qualities of sounds & healing treatments occur always in these areas.
950x30 VSM