You Need a Sound For Your Project?



SONOQUILIBRIUM is a group of persons, who work on Sound Design, Sound Recording, Vibrational / Sound Healing Projects, Natural Sound Projects (Field Recordings), World Instruments Recordings (Samples/Loops) & Audio Engineering Services (Composition / Audio Animation & Simulation / Mix & Remix / Multi Channel Sound)

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Our products are based on Sounds & Vibrations, which can be used for treatment purposes, for relaxation and soothing the mind and emotions. We make sounds and samples from World Instruments, we compose CDs & DVDs of Healing Sounds and Vibrations, Natural Sounds, Sound Effects, Sound Simulations and Ableton Live Packs for DJs and Composers. Check out our products to see what we offer.

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Contact our team for your wishes, questions of anytype you wanted to ask us! Feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas! They are always welcomed!

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