SOUND EFFECTS (Sounds From Everyday Life, Film Sounds, Background Noises, Foley Sounds, Nature Sounds, Special Sound Effects)






SOUND EFFECTS PACK VOLUME 1 includes 29 different Sound Effects from various areas. Sounds from Vinyl Noises, Heartbeat Sound, Sound Of Ice Cubes (also under the water), Sound of Rivers & Streams, Drops of The Water, Underwater Sounds, Mineral Water, Analog Noises (Tape & Vinyl), Sound of Sand From The Beaches, Foot Steps, Sounds of Bees, Sea Waves, Rain, Thunderstorms, Sounds From The Forests, Sounds From Outer Space, Sound Of Earl Grey, and many others. 



Sounds are long between 30 seconds and 4 minutes. The price is 30% lower for the whole package, whereas, individual Sound Effects regardless of their length they have the same price.



SD 2015_1 WAVE



Some sound effects are recorded in natural way and we get original recordings from outside world, while other sound effects are artificially created or enhanced for special reasons and purposes.



With Sound Effects we create new stories for FIlm and Tv Shows and other medias which we see everyday on-line. Sounds as information source hides many elements for creating and bilding video and audio imaginary stories, which are sought from producers and composers from audio and video sector.