ANALOG vs. DIGITAL (Way Of Playing Instruments)




The page offers various analog instrument recordings, which were played in analog and digital way. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages, which differs in tones, structures, velocities and other sound arrangements. 

We Selected 3 Types Of Instruments:

  1. KOSHI CHIME (Overtone Wind Chime Instrument)
  2. FLEXATONE (Metallic Percussions with Windy Side Effect)
  3. SEASHELL CHIMES (Natural Sound Percussions)






Koshi Chime belongs to the group of ´´Wind Chime Instruments´´, where 8 chords are welded with silver into the metal plate at the base of the resonancetube, which creates soft harmonious tunned sounds with many overtone frequencies from high and low frequency spectrum.


The Flexatone is a hand percussion instrument consisting of a small flexible metal plate connected with 2 small balls in a wire. When we move the plate, balls struck on it and create metallic percussive sounds with windy side effects.

Seashell Chimes is the Windy Chime Instrument appropriate to be placed in the outdoors when Wind moves shells and creates nice relaxing percussion sounds.