You Need a Sound For Your Project?

NATURAL SCALES Album (Simulations Of Natural Sounds)

ALPHA SCALE (Simulations of NS CD 4-Tr-Test-2-1

NATURAL SCALES Album belongs to the Sound Design and
Sound Simulation sector of Sonoquilibrium´s Audio Products.


Tracks include different simulations of Natural Sounds, 

where they were produced for different uses and purposes.

Sounds were mixed & compositions were created in the way,

that each part simulate different natural events.


Album was splitted in four equal sections, 

where each part includes different sound simulations


1.TRACK: Stones, Water Drops

2.TRACK: Sea Waves, Lightnings, Thunderstorms

3.TRACK: Winds, Birds, Owls

4.TRACK: Water, Rain, Stream Of Water


In the Album you will get one hour of music,

where each part consists various simulations.