You Need a Sound For Your Project?

SAMPLING WAVES (Simulations Of Natural Sounds)

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Simulations are type of sounds, which represent 
very similar´sound pictures´ like are their originals.
Our decision about selection of the type of sounds was influenced by various reasons :

1. The first reason is because they offer the largest scale in the range of their frequencies.

2. The second reason is about the variety of areas, where these sounds can be used.

3. The third reason is about how these sounds, their timbres & frequencies influence our mind.

4. The fourth reason is connected to the number of audio channels these sounds can be expanded. Concretly in my mind is the Multichannel Surround Sound Type Dolby Digital 5.1

The ´SAMPLING WAVES Pack´ includes Samples, Loops and Sessions,

with various lengths for different type of purposes.

Samples are purposed for Film Producers, Composers Of Comercials

and Advertisments, Natural Sounds Lovers, Web Sounds Designers,..


In total there are 247 Samples in 7 folders.

WAV Format CD Quality 44,1 kHz / 16 bit