I made some video and audio recordings from some rivers in Slovenia and I can admit that not only the sound has got my attention, but also colors under the level of water did the job.


I choose three rivers (Soča, Idrijca and Knežica) from the western part of Slovenia, which for my opinion include all characteristics of audio and video sources I wanted to present you in my project.  





Soča is famous for many things, but her emerald color is one of her characteristics, which sparkle the most. In my videos, I will present you moments of my recordings,
which describe this wonderful river in her best viewings.







Idrijca, compared to Soča, it´s much warmer and her color it is not so esmerald like of her sister Soča. Idrijca is much more calm river, but for that aspect more interesting. Idrijca hides some pools, which are not so easily visible like in Soča.






Knežica is a brook in the re-sourced valley of many side tributaries. Compared to Soča and Idrijca, Knežica is much cleaner and its color is more crystal respect to the color of Soča and Idrijca. Knežica hides many areas, where with equipment was difficult to come closer and record all that interesting rushing streams.