Vibrational Sound Healing With Overtones


Particular Overtone Vibrations & Sounds include audio elements, which are used for healing purposes. SonoQuilibrium´s products are based on such types of tones & frequencies to achieve the desirable effect for harmonic well-being.



Areas Of Our Work

– Healing with Overtones, Sounds & Vibrations
– Development & Research of treatment sounds
– Natural Sound is a Healing Sound ?
– Frequencies & Sound Resonances Used For Healing


The Sound Shell Massage
Vibrations of the singing bowls placed on the body may spread in the cells of the human body and allows it to resonate. This can cause deep relaxation and bring the stressed from everyday people quickly to rest. Self-healing and the immune system can be activated to stabilize.
The Sound Journey
 When the sound travels, we use a variety of instruments. The sound journey is prepared from a framed history of the group, through which we are then, accompanied by the instruments, travelling. Participants resting on mats or sit and relax while listening to sounds.